Saturday, February 6th, 2010 (updated 7 May ’10)

Documentation for Insert Entries


As of May 7th, 2010, the Insert Entries plugin has been wrapped into the “External Entries”: plugin and is no longer available separately.


h4. Deprecated 2010 May 7

* Wrapped into the External Entries plugin

h4. v1.2.1 (2010 Apr 12)

* Added allow_php parameter to disable variable sanitization for values

h4. v1.2 (2010 Apr 7)

* Added security measures: SQL Injection Prevention for parameters and Variable Sanitization for values

h4. v1.1.1 (2010 Mar 3)

* Fixed bug so that plugin can be used more than once on a template in EEv2

h4. v1.1 (2010 Feb 8)

* made compatible with both EEv1.x and EEv2.x

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